• • All clutches utilize disc
    springs that are treated using
    a unique cryogenic process

  • • Every Clutch uses a sealed
    throw-out bearing, providing
    increased lubrication intervals and longer clutch life

  • • All clutch components meet
    design and quality specifications to help ensure long service life and outstanding performance

  • • Clutches are supplied as
    matched units, allowing for
    better production process
    control and warranty analysis

We Give Our Customers the Option of Clutch Choices

ULT offers both Eaton or ULT Branded clutch options as a courtesy to our valued customers
Both clutch options deliver more comfortable operation for the driver and a better bottom line for your fleet.

Don’t Waste Time Waiting for a resurfaced flywheel to complete
your job! Take advantage of our Ready-to-Install Clutch Kits.

Each kit includes:
• Eaton or ULT Branded Clutch of your choice
• Resurfaced Flywheel
• Clutch Brake
• Pilot Bearing & Tower Gasket



Clutch Replacement Guide
Clutch Replacement Guide

Quality Parts
Quality Parts

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